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Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies is developed and promoted by the esteemed Doctor John Herzog, a 3rd Generation board certified physician and orthopedic surgeon and University of New England Medical School Professor.

Don't get me wrong, I love living life, keeping my family safe and I believe in the idea of fighting for my freedom until my last dying breath.

But even more than that I believe in being prepared and doing everything I can so my family and my bloodline prevail in case of a SHTF situation.

I also believe that's why the good Lord gave us everything we need to survive and thrive in this world - that is, IF you know where to look.

So when my time comes I know I don't want it to be because of something I could have prevented but didn't.

And as sure as hell I don't want it to be because of some stupid thing like a fungal infection, digestive issue, a burn or small infected wound!

But the horrifying truth is that those small everyday ailments, things regular folks in “normal” circumstances don't even think about, in a SHTF situation can make a difference between life and death.

That is why Dr. John Herzog felt it was his patriotic duty to create this health survival manual that you need to check out RIGHT NOW!

You see, Dr. Herzog's mission is a bit unusual for a doctor.

He aims to help Americans actually reduce or even eliminate doctors and even hospital visits - as well as being prepared when times get tough. - You can find out more about his extremely important work RIGHT HERE.


There are forces out there that are not happy that this information is available to the public. Be sure to access it ASAP! If it's still available you'll find it HERE.

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Neuropathy Home Remedies The Top 4 Live Search Results From The World's Largest Collection of Downloadable Products

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that causes weakness, pain, and numbness in your extremities. For the most part of seen it in feet. Dark veins until the feet turn dark due to poor circulation. Your peripheral nerves send messages from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. When those nerves are damaged, usually due to poor circulation, these messages are interrupted and affect how your body responds to pain, temperature, and other reflexes. Therefore, provided for you are the top five downloads to help you relieve your neuropathy.

5 Simple Ways to Support a Neuropathy-Free Life

"I’ve been a medicinal chemist at one of the biggest US universities for over 25 years now. My biggest dream was to help people like me live better and spread awareness on how anyone can help support the pain caused by Neuropathy."

"In the United States, diabetes is the most common cause of nerve damage. Anyone suffering from this condition would know that the painful tingling sensations, shooting pains and hot and cold sensations in the affected area can reach a level that is unbearable."

"But over time, I discovered some tips and tricks that anyone can do to relieve the symptoms of neuropathy."

So please, listen up to the following recommendations: (Click Here)

How to End Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy & Diabetic Nerve Pain

Without Drugs, Surgery or Guesswork

End your Neuropathy Pain today with the Internet's #1 Neuropathy Solution. Dr. Labrum's simple, proven, step-by-step self-treatment Program will help you free yourself of Neuropathy Pain completely & permanently without drugs, surgery, or guesswork. For peripheral neuropathy pain as a result of diabetes, chemotherapy, age, alcohol and drug use, and hypertension, by Dr. Labrum, a former neuropathy sufferer who successfully used this neuropathy solution to resolve his own neuropathy condition.

Neuropathy Revolution - Video Presentation

WARNING! One food item is causing Neuropathy in millions according to the author. Watch the video.

Video - Use This "Harvard Secret" to Boost Circulation
& Energize Tired Feet & Legs
Relieves Aching, Swelling, Stiffness, Numbness, Spider Veins, and More

Revitalize “tired” feet with Copper Socks. Podiatrist-approved. Free with shipping – claim yours today.

Some links may be affiliate links which help to support my efforts in providing you with good information such as this. The links cost you nothing to click on and nothing extra when you order.