My Water Fast and Fasting Journal To Lose Weight and Improve My Health Day 1

I've decided to record my experiences as I water fast and fast for my readers in order to lose weight and improve my health

I stepped on the scale this morning (12/26/2021) and weighed 192lbs. I've gained about 20lbs after being in the hospital in June of 2021. I lost about 40lbs because the hospital wouldn't let me eat in case I needed major surgery. That was my introduction to the benefits of fasting.

So far the plan is to water faster at least 24 hours then 2 to 3 days of protein powder and powdered vegetables.

This is exactly the vegetable-based protein powder and Greens I drink

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean- Vegan, Low Net Carbs, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, No Sugar Added, Soy Free, Non-GMO, 2.03 Pound (Packaging May Vary)

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood: Super Greens Powder with Spirulina, Chlorella, Beet Root Powder, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Original, 60 Servings (Packaging May Vary)

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As an in home tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii specializing in ADHD since I have ADHD myself, I'm pretty good at analyzing my own behaviors. For example, this morning on my first day as I felt a little hungry I stopped myself from immediately opening the refrigerator. I noted that to myself and reminded myself to drink water. I also plan on drinking coconut water for the electrolytes. Coconut water was the only thing that gave me enough energy to get out of bed after my hospital stay followed by a very strict diet.

Now that I can eat more it makes me wonder if I'm overcompensating by eating more than I should be eating. I probably am.

I'm definitely peeing a lot

That's a good thing. The pee is clear. I believe the average person in the U.S. is dehydrated. This would lead to more of a yellow urine flow and in extreme cases blood in the urine.

Legal and Safety Stuff

Reminds me for legal reasons I should state always see a health care professional before starting any type of diet. It's always a good safety precaution as well.

It's About 1:30

I keep wanting to go to the frig and eat. I'm not really that hungry. This tells me I'm fighting a behavior not a physical need.

4:20 PM First hunger pang

As a martial artist, I treat this the same way I would pain.

I recognize it

Accept it

Then make it a part of me

By 4:30 PM, maybe even shorter than that, it was gone.

Don't tell yourself you couldn't do that. Whether you think you can ignore a hunger pang or whether you think you cannot - you're right. Your mind is in charge of your body. Not the other way around.

Observation 6:19 PM

Since I'm not eating, especially on a Sunday, which is a lazy day for me, I find myself having to think of something to do besides eat. I believe this is a larger challenge than the minor hunger pangs I had earlier.

I watched this YouTube Video 7:46 PM

It's long but has some GREAT information. The author has a book

Fast This Way: How to Lose Weight, Get Smarter, and Live Your Longest, Healthiest Life with the Bulletproof Guide to Fasting (Bulletproof, 6)

Final For Day 1

It's actually Monday morning the next day. I made it without eating, I feel fine. I did just wake up so I have to make sure this makes sense. I'm not hungry, starving or any of that. It's tempting to continue with the water fast instead of my vegetable protein powder and vegetable powder mix. A little hint on that, heat the water up for about 50 seconds and use one of those bottles you can shake

Oh, I lost 5lbs. More importantly, I'm cleansing my body of all the garbage I've put in it since my hospital stay.

My Thought as To Why There's Not More Research on The Benefits of Fasting

There's no money in it! No special meals to sell or pills to take. There's been some research on animals which show a lot of positive benefits. Who would fund the research? Big Pharma? No thanks.

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Another Resource I Found

How to Lose 40 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days with Water Fasting (How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality)

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Aloha for now,


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