BREAK THROUGH! Personal Update Entry 4 - Constricted Urethra with Scar Tissue Remedy WITHOUT Surgery

My wife and I get adjusted by our chiropractor Dr. Andy Shanti once a week to maintain our spinal health. If the CNS (central nervous system) is out of wack, other health problems will follow. Dr. Shanti is a whole-body specialist and naturopath. When I told him the urethra constriction was back he immediately asked me about my sugar intake.

I told him I was drinking a lot of cranberry juice. Not the raw sour but pure cranberry juice like I should be drinking, but the no sugar added, yet has plenty of sugar in it naturally from Oceanspray cranberry juice because that's what Sam's Club had. So instead of going down to Walmart and getting the pure cranberry juice I was lazy and cheap and bought the processed stuff at Sam's Club.

I'd been trying to lose weight so I put myself

On a liquid diet of Orgain Protien Powder.

Collegen Peptides Powder to help my knee due to decades of training in martial arts and still giving self-defense lessons to senior citizens here in Honolulu Hawaii.

Supergreens powder for my fruits and vegetables.

I'd been filling two big shaker bottles with Oceanspray cranberry juice along with the two protein powders and supergreens. I wasn't gaining any weight, but I wasn't losing weight either. As I recall from my Health Minor days in college, straight fruit juice immediately turns into simple sugars in your bloodstream. Sugar not used turns into adipose tissue (fat). So I cut it down to half a shaker bottle along with my proteins and greens. I filled the rest with filtered water and the other shaker bottle with my filtered water only along with my proteins and greens.

I started losing weight. More importantly, a few days after seeing Dr. Shanti I began peeing easier. My urethra was opening up!. There's still room for improvement, but prayer and hope are now present as opposed to just prayer as I strained to urinate.

I know this is personal, but if this information helps someone else. It's worth sharing.

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I've decided to order three bottles at a time and keep three in stock. I'll reorder when I'm down to two. Otherwise, it's a race between Amazon and running out of my last bottle. There's already been improvement in urinating. I only notice the dribbling pee in the morning now. This will probably be my last order.

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The tendency when it's so uncomfortable peeing is to not drink water so you don't have to go through that, but....

Especially since the urethra is beginning to open up, I believe I need to drink a lot more water to wash out the loose scar tissue. It will help keep it from getting caught in my urethra and stop my urine flow again. One of my favorite things to drink is coconut water. It gives me the energy I need without having to drink coffee.

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This is what's happening as I use this for scar tissue in my urethra which is making it very uncomfortable straining to urinate. This is very personal for me, but the word must get out and big pharma nor the FDA is not going to tell you about this. Thiosinaminum is known for dissolving scar tissue in the urethra. I'm sure people have reported various results. For the price, it was worth a try. It seems to be a factor in both relief and healing.

I'm presently on my second bottle. My urethra opened up just yesterday. You have no idea how elated I was not having to strain. This morning I had to strain to urinate again. I school when I sat down and pushed to pee, my urethra opened up. I felt a slight discomfort and when I looked down I could see what appeared to be a small piece of scar tissue.


I place five small pellets under my tongue and let them dissolve three times a day.

These are my own experiences. Yours may vary. This information has not been approved by The FDA, big pharma or the government (as though there was a difference anymore)

BOIRON USA - Thiosinaminum 30c

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