Personal Update Entry 1 - Constricted Urethra with Scar Tissue Remedy WITHOUT Surgery

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This is what's happening as I use this for scar tissue in my urethra which is making it very uncomfortable straining to urinate. This is very personal for me, but the word must get out and big pharma nor the FDA is not going to tell you about this. Thiosinaminum is known for dissolving scar tissue in the urethra. I'm sure people have reported various results. For the price, it was worth a try. It seems to be a factor in both relief and healing.

I'm presently on my second bottle. My urethra opened up just yesterday. You have no idea how elated I was not having to strain. This morning I had to strain to urinate again. I school when I sat down and pushed to pee, my urethra opened up. I felt a slight discomfort and when I looked down I could see what appeared to be a small piece of scar tissue.


I place five small pellets under my tongue and let them dissolve three times a day.

These are my own experiences. Yours may vary. This information has not been approved by The FDA, big pharma or the government (as though there was a difference anymore)

BOIRON USA - Thiosinaminum 30c

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