My Fasting Journal To Lose Weight and Improve My Health Maintenance Sunday 1

You can't just fast 4 days then go back to your normal lifestyle. This is my first Sunday fasting maintenance day. Continuing my fasting journal so you may decide if fasting is the right thing for you to lose weight and get healthier. The more I research fasting the more I see the benefits of fasting, not just in weight loss, but cleansing the body and having more energy.

Last Night I Stepped on The Scale

I weighed 195lbs with my sweats on. Kind of chilly here in Honolulu right now. This morning when I stepped on the scale I weighed 193lbs wearing my sweats. I started my fasting journal and journey at 198lbs. That means I kept a minimum of 3lbs off. More importantly, I got a bunch of toxic garbage out of my system. I still feel better now than before I fasted for 4 days

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Don't Go Crazy The Night Before

It was tempting to stuff food in my mouth knowing I won't be eating the next day. I think that's a normal survival trait.

A few things I learned during my 4 day fast

I learned a little hunger is nothing. Just ignore it and it will go away. It will not get bigger except possibly in your mind.

I don't have to eat just because I'm a little hungry. This sounds like I'm repeating myself but it's two different lessons.

Don't eat due to an event. By this I mean getting home from teaching school or in home tutoring. or even waking up in the morning. I don't believe breakfast is the most important meal of the dal. I believe the most important meal of the day is the one you eat when your body needs the nutrition.

My mind is in charge of my body. I completed my 4 day fast because that's what I said I was going to do, period. Most of the videos I listened to suggested starting with a 12 hour fast or even just skipping a meal.

My maintenance plan

Starting when I wake up I drink water only. To keep up my electrolytes I'll also be drinking coconut water .

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That's it for now

Talk to you soon


1:25 PM on my first water fasting Sunday to lose weight and improve my health

It's raining real hard here in Honolulu. I even heard thunder which is unusual.

For the heck of it, I stepped on the scale and was 2lbs lighter despite all the water I've been drinking. I stopped my reflex to go get something to eat when I got hungry. I drank some coconut water instead of eating.

I'm thinking people don't fast regularly because they don't see it on television. After all, there's very little to sell someone if you suggest fasting. Speaking of which I did find a resource on fasting I want to share with you.

This link is about Intermittent Fasting

Talk to you later


This is Interesting 4:30 PM on my first water fasting Sunday to lose weight and improve my health

If you've ever wondered how much water and human waste weighs, I had to use the restroom. For the purposes of this discussion, you'll need to know number 2.

So I stepped on the scale before using the restroom. I weighed 190.0lbs. I had to get a good scale for my first video doctor appointment after I got out of the hospital. Thus the .0 since it's a digital scale.

This is the exact scale I'm using

Taylor Precision Products Digital Scales for Bodyweight Mixed Metal with Brushed Stainless Steel, 440 LB Capacity, Bathroom Scale, White Backlight Readout, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Scale

After I finished using the restroom I got on the scale again 189.0lbs! I lost one pound going to the restroom. This gives you an idea why people lose weight quickly when they do a cleanse or start a weight loss program. All that waste in their intestines is heavy!

The Next Morning of My First Sunday Maintenance Water Fast Day

I stepped on the scale and weighed 185lbs. Still wearing sweat pants it was cold this morning.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my Sunday fasting



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