Updated My Fasting Journal To Lose Weight and Improve My Health Day 3

7:24 AM Day 3 of My Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

Woke up and stepped on the scale on day three of my fasting for health and weight loss. I now weigh 190lbs. Obviously, I continued to lose a little weight throughout the night. If people stop eating after a certain point in the evening it would help keep them from gaining weight.

I have an in home tutoring student to see at 10:00AM

In Kaimuki which is part of Honolulu Hawaii.

I took my

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in my shaker bottle . See the day 2 entry for more information and tips on that.

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I wasn't starving or anything like that. It's just part of my plan so I did it.

Continuing my fasting journal so you may decide if fasting is the right thing for you to lose weight and get healthier. The more I research fasting the more I see the benefits of fasting, not just in weight loss, but cleansing the body and having more energy.

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Click the link above to catch up. I also commented a little on this morning since I felt that was part of my water fast experience which I would say was 99% positive. I want to reiterate something I said yesterday.

Whether you think you can do a 24 hour water fast or not - you're right. You're in charge of your body not the other way around. Just do a 12 hour one first if you want to.

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1:13 PM Day 3 of My Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

A couple of hunger pangs. Drank some coconut water . Really all this fear of fasting stuff is just fear of the unknown. See a healthcare profession and just do it. Once you get over your first bit of OMG I'm hungry what do I do!, it's very manageable.

I found this video which was helpful for fasting

I found a resource for customized intermittent fasting

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5:03 PM Day 3 of My Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

I'm starting to lose the habit of wanting to eat at certain times. I did want to eat as soon as I got home from my in home tutoring appointment which had been a habit of mine. I want to reiterate the hunger pangs just aren't that big of a deal. They come around the time I would normally eat and don't even last 5 minutes.

Bedtime Day 3 of My Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

I stepped on the scale one more time and weighed 190lbs. Not bad since I started at 198lbs. I can't emphasize how much these hunger pangs are no big deal. I remember speaking to an obese martial artist years ago, I was a health minor in college so I was giving him a few weight loss tips. His reply,

"No, I know my body I need more than that."


I noticed this as I lied down on my side

I didn't feel the weight of my stomach when I lied down. Those of you with excess fat around your midsection know what I'm talking about.

Talk to you all tomorrow



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